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The ARTery features the convergence of fine art and street art in Pueblo. The walk traverses Downtown via the alleyways which were conceived in the late 1800s when city planners envisioned a liveable and walkable footprint for the community.

To deliver the best art and wellness experience, we have created the Pueblo ARTery website and mobile app to empower visitors to connect with art, its creators and surrounding businesses. We want to ensure that every day in Pueblo is extraordinary.

Come Celebrate. This is Pueblo. Stay for a While.
— The Tact Crew


This ARTery Map includes many partner restaurants, bars, coffee shops, art galleries and other creative businesses. The 'M' identifies the location of a Mural or other significant art installation. This is the first generation of the digital map, so we welcome your feedback. If you would like to be included in this mapping program, please send us an email.


Local residents and visitors enjoying one of the Walking Tours led by Gregory Howell and Wade Broadhead. This section of the Pueblo ARTery (West to East Section) is located at the half way point between Bingo Burger and Central Plaza | Kadoya Gallery background).

The ARTery features the convergence of street art and fine art in Downtown Pueblo. The walk begins behind Bingo Burger and traverses West-East to Central Plaza (Kadoya Gallery) via the alleyways which were conceived in the 1890s when city planners envisioned a liveable and walkable footprint for the community.

The Pueblo ARTery looking north from the Courtyard Marriott overflow parking lot across from the hotel at City Center Drive and between Santa Fe Avenue and N Main Street. This unique perspective through the electrical corridor shows 2nd Street all the way to 7th Street.

From Central Plaza continue across N Main Street to the South-North ARTery which continues to 7th Street via the electric and utility corridor. Please note that when you approach both 4th Street & 5th Street you should turn right and use the crosswalks on Santa Fe Avenue as both streets are very busy and dangerous with fast moving vehicles.

Once you arrive at 7th Street turn left to N. Main Street where you will continue the walking which shifts focus from the visual arts to architecture, history and culture. Walking south you will discover the historic Federal Building (formerly the Main Post Office and Federal Offices/Courts) at 5th & N Main which s listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is home to many local artists, creatives and the 5th & Main Espresso Bar & Gallery. Further south at 3rd & N Main you will find Solar Roast which is one of Pueblo's innovative new creative industries featuring solar roasted coffee. The walk then continues south on N. Main Street where you will find the massive Lucky the Horse mural on your left and the Historic Masonic Building on your right.

The ARTery ends back at Central Plaza which is home to Kadoya Gallery and the iconic Bear Mural by artists Mathew Taylor and Mike Strescino. Kadoya Gallery is in the Historic Tutt Building which is a unique flatiron building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.




Convergence of Creative Genius

Pueblo is a city at the crossroads where fine art and street art converge in a powerful display of creative genius. Since its earliest days, the citizens of Pueblo have brought to the fabric of the community a long tradition of exploration, discovery and self-expression.

The region has been at the epicenter of opportunity in Southern Colorado since its inception in the early 1840s when the first residents built the El Pueblo settlement for trading and commerce. The Arkansas River flowing through Pueblo has been the international boundary with France, Spain, Mexico, and the Republic of Texas, making it a true frontier region in the southwest.

The vibrant murals found along the ARTery are a true statement and reflection of the power of the human spirit that has called this part of the country home. This is Pueblo. 

The Gallery below showcases some of the murals and artistic creative genius you will find along the ARTery in Downtown Pueblo. 




The creative economy would not be complete without the performing arts. This section aims to feature local and regional artists each month. The soundtracks and videos will serve as the perfect ARTery playlists. If you would like to be featured in this open platform, please send us an email with your information and a sample track and/or video. Our goal is to connect artists and creatives with the community and visitors.

APRIL-MAY | Ryan Seward | Music

Ryan Seward (b. 1988, Arlington, TX) is a percussionist, improviser, composer, and sound artist based in Denver, CO. Ryan is also an Artist in Residence at the Shoe Factory in Pueblo, CO.

His improvisational work centers around approaching the drum as a site of resonance and employing various techniques and preparations to achieve an extensive timbral palette. He also works with zither, contact mics, analog electronics, and field recordings.

As a composer/sound artist, Seward composes and conceptualizes music/sound for improvisers/spaces. His practice is rooted in a concern for deep listening, communitarian ritual, and the subjective emotional and subconscious engagements with the unique characteristics and qualities of our sonic environments.

In 2016, Seward founded the record label, emic rite, to document his own work and the work of other living experimental and contemporary improvisers, composers, and sound artists, especially those of the American Mountain West.

For booking or other inquiries, please contact Ryan at

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